Please read our tip list on how to make successfully bid in our auctions:

·         Budget your bids in advance.

·         Start bidding early in order to have a better idea of other participants' bidding rank.

·         Before you start participating in an auction, it is recommended to carefully study the auction's details, and familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions.

·       Place bids with gaps from one another.

·         Try placing more than one unique bid on the leader board.

·         Keep your eyes on your bids' position and try to estimate your competitor's bidding rank.

·         Use the positions of your bids to estimate the value of the first position.

·         If your bid is knocked off of the auction, try repositioning yourself in order to reach first position and win the auction.

·         After reaching first place secure your bid by placing numerous bids below and eliminating your competitors' bids.

·      It's highly advised to be present when the auctions draw to a close. This way you can bid aggressively or bid tactically in order to push your unique bids to the top of the rankings and win the bid.

·       Take regular breaks between your activities in our bids.

·       Do not participate under the influence of alcohol or medication, or if you are in a depressive mood. Only participate when you are fully rested and concentrated.

 ·         Take into account that there can only be one winner per bid.