• Register on, your user name (email address), password and your details.
  • Log in with your user name and password to gain access to the platform.
  • Buy bid voucher online before any bids must be placed.


How To Bid On Products

  • To start bidding, click on promo banner on our site to see items been promoted, or select items from any category of your choice.
  • Click on item picture for details of the item
  • Click on the “Bid Now” button of the item you are interested on. You will be redirected to the bidding page for you to start bidding

Note: On first registration, your bid wallet is zero. This means that you have to fund your bid account.

To Fund You Bid Wallet:

  • Click on the “Buy Bid” button on the right corner of your screen 
  • From the pop up, select the amount of your choice and click the “Buy Now” button
  • You will be taken to a secured payment gateway. Select your card type from “Local Payments” and click the “Continue” button 
  • Select your card type from the dropdown 
  • Enter your card details and click on the “Pay” button 


To Bid: 

  1. Bids Left reduces every time a bid is placed
  2. Enter Amount in fraction to bid.  Any amount entered here will be deducted from your bid balance.
  3. Leader Board showing your bid position


To ensure you win a bid, try placing more than one unique bid to ensure that you are not out bided and place you on top of the leader board.